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Don't struggle with life in Israel.

First step to easy Aliyah.

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Healthcare management: Bituach Leumi, Kupat Cholim.


Paying bills & dealings with post, electric and water, cellphone and internet company etc.

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Rental contacts revision & advice; assistance with finding accommodation.


Employment management: Contracts, rights, obligations, salaries, CV advice etc.


Aliyah management; Misrad Haklita, Misrad Hapnim, etc.

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Service in English and Polish, Translations services (all languages).*


Professional, friendly and tailored service.


50% discount for olim chadashim under 1 year.

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Enjoy full service with UNLIMITED number of queries by choosing the monthly membership plan.
Submit your details for a FULL annual breakdown.

NOW: 50% discount for new olim under 1 year.
By using the service you agree to the Terms and Conditions which can be viewed here. Rosh Shaket is a subsidiary of E. H. Newton.

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I made Aliyah in my 50s and I struggle with the barrier language. I don't understand what is happening around me and at the beginning I really struggled with finding the right apartment and getting set up with kupat holim. Rosh Shaket helped me screen the contract and vet potential property owners before I signed the contract. With regard to kupat holim I don't have to worry about not understanding the staff member and setting up doctors' appointments; this is being done for me.

Elaine B.

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